Irregular Warfare Course

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC IWC SOS 3620 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


This course provides students with tools and concepts to analyze IW theories and practices. Through case studies, multimedia, and selected readings, students will be better equipped to collaborate with partners as well as outthink and out innovate adversaries in a complex operating environment. This course has a four week distance learning requirement as well as the one week resident portion. Students should expect about 20 hours of readings and discussion posts required during the distance learning portion.


This blended course is taught at the undergraduate level and is designed specifically for the special operations community, interagency, and international partners. The student profile is E5-E8, W1-4, O1-O3, and their civilian agency equivalents (i.e., GS-5-13) assigned to USSOCOM, TSOC, or a component directly supporting joint or coalition special operations.


All required texts and materials are available to the student on the JSOU e-Campus using the Blackboard Learning Management System. Each student MUST have the Zoom app, audio / visual capability, and access to commercial internet and the JSOU e-Campus site prior to and throughout the course.

There are no scheduled events for this course