JSOUs Design Fundamentals Online

Applied Research Lab JDFO SOC 1440 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


This 6-module semi-synchronous and live-facilitated online course examines, explores, and curates to gain new knowledge and applications in Design lexicon, methods, models, and tools. During the 6-weeks, students are provided a weekly module consisting of 3-3.5- hrs. of self-paced and group learning and must attend a 1 – 1.5-hour live faculty facilitated discussion. (Total 4-5 hrs. per week)


Primary: Personnel assigned to the United States Special Operations Command, Components, and Theater Special Operations Commands and those units and agencies in direct support of Special Operations Forces. Secondary: Personnel in the United States Government Grades: E-5 to E9 and O-1 to O-10 and Government Civilian equivalents. 25-30 seats per iteration


Students will have access to all required materials through JSOU’s e-campus.

There are no scheduled events for this course