Publications with Topic


Resistance Operating Concept (ROC)
Authored by:
Otto Fiala, Kirk Smith, Anders Löfberg
Resistance Views: Essays on Unconventional Warfare and Small State Resistance, Tartu Resistance Seminar
Authored by:
Glennis Napier, Mark Schwartz, Gregory Lengyel, Tomas Jermalavičius, Merle Pārmak, Karl Salim, Heather Modon, Linda Robinson, Michael Ryan, Kevin Stringer, Janis Berzins, Richard Shultz
Hybrid Warfare
Authored by:
Timothy McCulloh, Richard Johnson
Contemporary Security Challenges: Irregular Warfare and Indirect Approaches
Authored by:
Richard Newton, Travis Homiak, Kelly Smith, Isaac Peltier, Jonathan White
One Valley at a Time
Authored by:
Adrian Bogart, Walter Herd