Guest Speakers
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The JSOU Office for Strategic Engagement host virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. These events are conducted by JSOU faculty and staff with a goal of implementing relevant and strategic materials that enhance/educate the SOF community. Cross functional team efforts allow JSOU's Learning Pathways to be demonstrated during these events while expounding upon new phenomenology. 

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JSOU Future of SOF Forums are a sequence of quarterly-running learning experience forums meant to explore themes, topics, and questions that are important to the current and future profession of special operations and the SOF Enterprise. We pose questions and pursue discourse among divergent perspectives in order to frame and understand problems, before looking for solutions. First, the SOF Identity Forums cover matters ranging from the promise and potential perils of emergent and disruptive technology, ethical implications, and diversity and inclusion, exploring SOF - as a profession - as it has been, is now, and will be tomorrow, considering evolving global challenges, national interests and operational requirements. Second, SOF in Strategic Competition Forums focus on matters relating to use and utility of special operations forces, exploring our role in a competitive global environment with highly complex, complicated, intersectional, and 'compound security' challenges. Together, these quarterly forums drive our research initiatives, produce fresh research topics and questions that refresh and contemporize SOF teach and learning curricula, all while promoting discourse and critical and creative thinking about complex issues in SOF. These "Future of SOF Forums" strengthen the network of thinking and doing SOF professionals for our nation. 

SOCOM Events
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Events hosted by the US Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) Headquarters.  These events range from single one-off presentations to full on recurring courses.