Assessments, Monitoring, and Evaluation (Pilot)

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC AME SIA 5673 Invitation Only Secret


This 6 Module course is designed to enable the learner to evaluate the informational and human aspects of the target information environment to gain an understanding of current, emerging, and future conditions. The curriculum introduces students to the application of research methods including qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to assess, measure, and evaluate changes because of joint SOF operations. Students will gain an overview of research intent and design, data collection, and statistical and interpretive analysis. The focus of the course is not on mastery of statistics, rather the ability to apply research methods to evaluate SOF Operations in the Information Environment to provide insights to the staff and further inform a commander’s decision cycle.


• Primary: SOF commissioned (O3-O5), warrant (W1-W3), and noncommissioned (E6-E8) officers assigned to USSOCOM headquarters, service components, or theater commands responsible for planning, strategic influence and/or information advantage. • Secondary: Civilian and partner force members of the JIIM-C who require this education or represent their organization’s unit assigned the task of planning strategic influence and



22A - Pilot (22-Aug-2022 to 26-Aug-2022)

23A (12-Dec-2022 to 16-Dec-2022)

23B (13-Mar-2023 to 17-Mar-2023)