Historical and Modern Approaches to Grey Zone Warfare (Pilot)

Functional Support HMAGZW SRR 4551 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


This course provides information about grey zone activities of five belligerents, as spelled out in the 2022 National Defense Strategy, include: (a) China, (b) Russia, (c) Iran, (d) North Korea, and (3) violent extremist organizations. Students will receive a higher appreciation for the historical factors, cultural and religious beliefs, and ambitions of these actors. Broken up into five one-day increments, this module consists of Russia’s actions in the grey zone (particularly in Ukraine); Chinese aggression in the South China Sea and its periphery; Iranian activities to sponsor proxies worldwide; North Korea’s illicit activities and intimidation; and the persistent and expanding threat of violent extremist organizations as they cause destabilization in nations vulnerable to internal security threats. This information will serve later, as students learn about integrated deterrence, allies, and partnerships in countering these five threats. Students will complete readings, listen to podcasts, watch media, and participate in collaborative discussion boards in preparation for each class.


The primary target audience is USSOF personnel who are or will likely be assigned to Components and other joint operational staffs (particularly TSOCs) which develop, coordinate, and execute plans in support of Geographic and/or Functional Combatant Commander objectives. In addition, USSOCOM’s SOF Network of multinational and interagency partner personnel will be invited to attend to bring their unique perspectives on planning and execution within the JIIM-C contemporary security environment.




Various readings and videos.


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