Richard Newton

About this author

Richard Newton is a retired USAF combat rescue helicopter pilot, air commando, strategic planner at three TSOCs, and educator.  He has served at JSOU since Day 1 as a faculty member, researcher, author, course director, and curriculum developer.  His experience includes assignments as a strategic planner at USSOCOM and at SOCNORTH, SOCAFRICA, and SOCEUR (direct support), in addition to serving on the team that designed, developed, and implemented the NATO Special Operations School and on JSOU's team that delivered irregular warfare and campaign planning courses at the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies and the Joint Advanced Warfighting School.  His primary areas of interest include irregular/hybrid warfare, campaign and strategic planning, air power in irregular warfare, NATO SOF doctrine and planning, organizational transformation, and the application of design-thinking to irregular warfare and other infinite challenges.  He publishes regularly on special air warfare, irregular warfare, and the SOCOM Design Way.  Dr Newton holds a PhD in Defence Studies (international security studies) from King's College London.  He is also a graduate of the USAF Academy and the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies.