Competing for Advantage: The Chinese Communist Party, Statecraft, and Special Operations

Authored by:
Barkin, Samuel; Conrad, Justin; Horowitz, Shale; Ye, Min; Reardon, Lawrence; Irwin, Will; Craft, Stephen; Black, Charles; Ellis, David
Edited by:
Ellis, David
Published on 3/11/2024
18 copies available , Audiobook

This edited volume highlights key challenges the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) faces in its rise and contextualizes the potential contributions of special operations to compete for advantage based on the CCP’s interests and vulnerabilities. Competing for advantage means accruing power and influence in such a way that the adversary’s plans cannot be realized. This volume focuses primarily on appreciating the CCP’s worldview, interests, and political culture while promoting a strategic vision for the future—a future where SOF will need to reinterpret their value from providing a military effect to providing a political effect through military means. 


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