Joint SOF Logistics Course

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC JSLC FCO 2638 Nomination Only Unclassified


This course is conducted over a five-day period and will focus on enhancing and reinforcing baseline Joint logistics knowledge and skills through instruction on Special Operations Forces (SOF) unique and Service Component Operational-Level/Theater-specific logistics capabilities and resources to enable and support global SOF operations.


This course is taught at the Operational-level and designed specifically for logisticians newly assigned to USSOCOM, its components, and Theater Special Operations Commands. The primary student profile is enlisted (E5-E9), warrant (W1–W4), officers (O1-O4), or government employees. All others are evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Virtual webinar/meeting platform, Weblinks, and course materials will be provided as necessary. Students must have internet access, commercial computer/laptop/device to access course materials and the virtual webinar/meeting platform.

23C (05-Jun-2023 to 09-Jun-2023)
Location: JSOU Bldg
Comments: Registration Closed
Enrollment Closed
23D (11-Sep-2023 to 15-Sep-2023)
Location: JSOU Bldg
Comments: Registration Open: TBD
Enrollment Closed