Faculty Development Course-Abbreviated

JSOU Staff and Faculty Development Program (JSOU Staff and Faculty Only) FDC-A SAA 2227 Nomination Only Unclassified


This course prepares JSOU adjunct faculty members to teach curriculum while creating active learning environments focused on higher levels of learning through the use of various teaching methodologies. A brief overview of learning theory, the instructional systems development process, and development of level-of-learning lesson plans is provided. The second part of the course focuses on effective teaching techniques to include proxemics, questioning, and use of technology. The instructional methods taught in the course include lecture, guided discussion, case study, experiential learning, teaching interviews/panel discussions, and demonstration performance.


Newly assigned JSOU faculty members are the top priority. Special operations forces (SOF) personnel teaching in any service or joint education environment are the second priority.




There are no required texts or materials for this course.



There are no scheduled events for this course