Joint Unconventional Warfare Operations Course

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC JUWOC ASA 2618 Nomination Only Secret


This course prepares joint HQs personnel to effectively plan, support and control UW operations. Students will develop an enhanced understanding of resistance, the unique requirements associated with UW and how operations are conceived and integrated at the Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOC) and Geographic Combatant Commands (GCC).


This course is taught at the operational level and designed specifically for the special operations community and interagency partners assigned to and/or in direct support of resistance related activities. The primary student profile is enlisted (E7-E9), warrant (W2–W5), officers (O3-O6), or government employees (GG/GS12-15). All others are evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis


All required texts and materials are available to the student on the JSOU e-Campus using the Blackboard Learning Management System. Each student MUST have the Zoom app, audio / visual capability, and access to commercial internet and the JSOU e-Campus site prior to and throughout the course.

24A (27-Nov-2023 to 01-Dec-2023)
Location: Camp Bull Simons, FL
Comments: Enrollment Open: 8 September 2023 Enrollment Closes: 17 November 2023
24B (24-Jun-2024 to 28-Jun-2024)
Location: Fort Bragg
Comments: Fort Liberty, NC. Enrollment Closed.
Enrollment Closed