USSOCOM Staff Education Program - Foundations

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC USEP-F SOC 1215 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


This virtual course has two components. Students will complete a five-day asynchronous Blackboard session where they will read and study educational material on staff action officer responsibilities. Students will be required to write an Information Paper using all of the material provided and submit said paper for grading prior to the end of this asynchronous session. There will then be a four-day synchronous session that will be conducted via either ZoomGov or Wickr. The students will receive instruction from the CoS, CSEL, J-directorates, and on staff action officer responsibilities. The students will be required to write a position paper during this session and submit it for grading. These papers will be reviewed with the students and submitted to their leadership upon completion. There will be a short multiple choice exam at the conclusion of this session.


All newly assigned military and government employees to USSOCOM headquarters.


Virtual webinar/meeting platform, Weblinks, and course materials will be provided as necessary. Students must have internet access, commercial computer/laptop/device to access course materials and the virtual webinar/meeting

23A (17-Oct-2022 to 21-Oct-2022)
Location: JSOU Bldg
Comments: Distance Learning 10 - 16 October Resident Learning 17 - 21 October
23B (06-Feb-2023 to 10-Feb-2023)
Location: JSOU Bldg
Comments: Distance Learning 30 Jan - 05 Feb Resident Learning 06 - 10 Feb
Enrollment Closed