Topics in Intelligence (Pilot)

Department of Strategic Intel & Emerging Technologies TII SIT 4760 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


Topics in Intelligence (TII) is an Advanced course consisting of five modules: 1) Intelligence in Irregular Warfare (IW); 2) Understanding Allied & Partner Intelligence; 3) Understanding Adversary Intelligence; 4) Ethics and Intelligence; and 5) The Future of Intelligence. The focus of the course is for students to gain a greater appreciation of how intelligence influences/affects the strategic environment and to forecast/anticipate how current and future strategic environments will affect intelligence. The course will conclude with a practicum/group project where students will forecast a future security environment and recommend how intelligence should adapt based on their analysis.


· Primary- Intelligence officers and other practitioners (O3-O5), Warrant Officers (W1-W5), Non-Commissioned Officers (E6-E9) and Civilian employees in equivalent grades assigned to CJSOTF, TSOC, SOJTF, or USSOCOM HQ. · Secondary: Military and civilian officers from Interagency partners and allied nations.


All required texts and materials will be available to the student on either the course e-Campus site or issued upon arrival in the classroom. Each student MUST have after hours – NOT in the classroom – access to commercial internet and the course e-Campus site throughout the course.

23B (11-Sep-2023 to 22-Sep-2023)
Location: Virtual
Comments: Enrollment Canceled