SIIA Directed Readings and Research (Pilot)

Functional Support SIIA DRR SIA 5674 Invitation Only Unclassified


The Directed Readings and Research course is an Integrated Program of Study (IPoS) elective which provides students the opportunity to identify and conduct independent study to examine a topic not currently offered in a course that furthers the Strategic Influence through Information Advantage (SIIA) body of knowledge. The course is arranged individually with a SIIA faculty member. Students, with the consultation of designated faculty are expected to demonstrate mastery over literature in a specific area of study, develop Qualitative Research (Literature Review) that serves as the foundation to further directed studies. Students are also expected to evaluate journals, joint publications, Blogs, peer reviewed articles, academic papers and discussions to understand and present key texts and key ideas from those texts to facilitate the development of a research area of focus. Proposed topics include “Strategic Influence,” “Information in the Operating Environment,” “Information Advantage Intelligence Integration,” and “Information Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation,” as well as current case studies and other emerging topics related to Information Capabilities.


This course provides Staff Officers, NCOs, and civilian equivalents participating in the SIIA IPoS the opportunity to apply, develop, and demonstrate scholarly research techniques, thus adding to the body of knowledge of the SIIA consortium.


Students must have completed SIA 5671- Influence and Operations in the Information Environment and SIA 5672- Information Advantage Intelligence Integration. They may request a waiver of these requirements through the SIIA faculty.




JSOU is currently an accredited educational institution accredited through the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET) - a national accrediting agency recognized by the Department of Education. This course has not yet been submitted for accreditation.

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