SOF in Strategic Competition
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This series focuses on matters relating to use and utility of special operations forces, exploring our role in a competitive global environment with highly complex, complicated, intersectional, and 'compound security' challenges. We address questions regarding United States' roles and interests in the context of our National Security Strategy, and more specifically, SOF's responsibilities and potential contributions. Each event in the SOF in Strategic Competition Series focuses on a unique region and various related problem-sets.

SOF Identity
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SOF Identity Forums cover matters ranging from the promise and potential perils of emergent and disruptive technology, ethical implications, and diversity and inclusion, exploring SOF - as a profession - as it has been, is now, and will be tomorrow, considering evolving global challenges, national interests and operational requirements. We explore what has worked well for us and what we must do to in order to meet the challenges of the future, taking an introspective view of ourselves and asking the hard questions.