Publications with Topic

Near Peer Competitor

Special Operations Forces Transformation in the Future Operating Environment
Authored by:
Peter Mccabe, Charles Barham, Andrew Brown, Bernd Horn, Jay Lachine, Simone Ledeen, Michael Manning, Ruari Nicholson, Jason Yeremiy, Charlie Black
Resistance Views: Essays on Unconventional Warfare and Small State Resistance, Tartu Resistance Seminar
Authored by:
Glennis Napier, Mark Schwartz, Gregory Lengyel, Tomas Jermalavičius, Merle Pārmak, Karl Salim, Heather Modon, Linda Robinson, Michael Ryan, Kevin Stringer, Janis Berzins, Richard Shultz
Iran: Illusion, Reality, and Interests
Authored by:
Roby Barrett
A Perilous Future: High-Intensity Conflict and the Implications for SOF
Authored by:
Peter Mccabe, Andrew Brown, James Kiras, Nicolas Provencher, Andrew Brown, Nicholas Kramer, Tony Balasevicius, C.G. Landry, Bernd Horn, Keith Carter