Special Operations Intelligence Course Foundations

Intelligence/ Counterintelligence SOIC-F SOS 3750 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


The course is the foundation of the Special Operations Intelligence Course. It is designed to prepare intelligence personnel for attendance at the SOIC (SOS 4750) and SOIC-F (SOS 4750-F) to further prepare them for duty on Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC), Combined/Joint Special Operations Task Forces (CJSOTF), and/or Special Operations Joint Task Force (SOJTF) intelligence staffs. It provides an overview and an introduction to human domain, the evolution of SOF intelligence, the Intelligence Community (IC), and Interagency (IA) partnerships to SOF, SOCOM J2 staff, components and TSOC lesson learned, SOF intelligence systems, intelligence support in Irregular Warfare (IW), and the concept of the human domain. The course is self-paced, on-line via JSOU provided Blackboard access.


Intelligence officers (O3-O5), warrant officers (W1-W5), noncommissioned officers (E6-E9) and civilian employees in equivalent grades assigned to a CJSOTF, TSOC, or to USSOCOM HQ.


Students will gain access to the JSOU Blackboard SOIC-F (SOS 9750) upon enrollment. During the course, students will use Blackboard for access to all course content and any interaction with students or faculty.

Continuous (30 days to complete)
Location: Virtual
Comments: This course is open / continuous.