Cyberspace and Special Operations Forces Foundations

Cyber CSOF-F SOS 4743 Open Nomination Only Unclassified


The course provides a survey of the cyberspace domain wherein it examines the fundamentals and evolution of cyberspace; threat posed by illicit and friendly actions in cyberspace; evolution of U.S. cyberspace strategy; and relationship to the Special Operations Enterprise. The course provides a basis for personnel involved the integration of cyberspace enabling technologies and procedures into special operation plans, activities, and operations. The course is self-paced, on-line via JSOU provided Blackboard access.


The primary student profile is enlisted (E4-E9), warrant (W1–W5), officers (O1-O6), or government employees (GG/GS 12-15) from the Special Operations Enterprise or enabling agencies / activities.


Students will gain access to the JSOU Blackboard CSOF-A (SOS 9743) upon enrollment. During the course, students will use Blackboard for access to all course content and any interaction with students or faculty.

Continuous (60 days to complete)
Location: Virtual
Comments: This course is open / continuous enrollment. POC is Mr. Bill Garrity (