Theater Special Operations Command Staff Preparation Course-Mobile

Department of Special Ops, Irregular War & LIC TSPC-M ASA 2210 Nomination Only Unclassified


This course educates new Theater Special Operations Command (TSOC) personnel on how a TSOC plans for and employs U.S. special operations capabilities in an era of Strategic Competition. Participants explore Special Operations Forces (SOF) core activities and how SOF uses their employment/funding authorities to achieve TSOC and Geographic Combatant Command’s operational and strategic theater goals while tying them to their priorities in support of national and defense security strategy in a Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM) environment. The Theater Special Operations Command Staff Preparation Course-Mobile (TSPC-M) is a five-day in-residence educational event taught at the sponsoring TSOC Headquarters.


Military and civilian personnel assigned to or providing support to a TSOC. Recommended ranks are E6-E9, O1-O5, and WO1-CW5.


Students must have internet access and electronic device that allows them to access all course materials, and digitally complete the course pre-assessment and post-assessment.

24A (23-Oct-2023 to 27-Oct-2023)
Location: Camp Smith
Comments: Enrollment Opens 8/28/2023. Enrollment Closes 10/25/2023.
24B (14-Nov-2023 to 18-Nov-2023)
Location: Stuttgart
Comments: Registration Opens 29 September 2023. Registration Closes 15 November 2023. Resident Start Date: 14 November 2023. Resident End Date: 18 November 2023.
24C (29-Jan-2024 to 02-Feb-2024)
Location: South Korea
Comments: Enrollment Opens 11/03/2023 Enrollment Closes 01/31/2024
Enrollment Closed