Joint Special Operations University


USSOCOM's "Think-Do Tank" - Center for Special Operations Thinking.


JSOU prepares SOF professionals to address strategic and operational challenges, arming them with the ability to think through problems with knowledge, insight, and foresight.

We sharpen the edge of SOF's Advantage:

The next-generation SOF professional

SOF Truths

Humans are more important than hardware.

Quality is better than Quantity.

Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.

Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.

Most special operations require non-SOF assistance.

Preparing SOF for Compound Security Competition

Recent Publications

Publication image
The Fourth Age: The Future of Special Operations
Published on 10/2/2023
Publication image
The Compound Era of U.S. Counterterrorism
Authored by:
Don Rassler
Published on 8/10/2023
Publication image
Operating on the Margins: SOF in the Gray Zone
Published on 4/15/2023